Hi, I'm Shay, former middle school teacher turned insurance copywriter.

After spending 6 years as a middle school teacher, I stumbled into the insurance industry and fell in love. I am now the girl who reads insurance policies for fun and takes extra Contniuing Education credits just so that I'm on top of my game.

Since I've been working in the insurance industry for a few years now, I've noticed something that's missing: not enough answers online to policyholders' most pressing questions.

Whether it be B2B or B2C, policyholders have questions and need help navigating the jungle of information online. If you fail to address their questions or concerns, your reputation can come under attack via social media and major news outlets.

My writing helps you create more leads, produce more organic traffic, and build trust with your customer base.

So if you need more referral business or more organic traffic to your site, my writing can help you achieve that and more.


Fun Facts About Me:

-I love green [and non-green] smoothies and am always looking for new recipes (beets and strawberries make a very good combo)

-Miss Pacman is my favorite arcade game

-CSI is my all time favorite show (the one based in Las Vegas! The other two're alright)

-I drink insane amounts of herbal tea every day because I don't like plain water

-I love Hulu!

-Serena Williams, Roger Federrer, Peyton Manning, & Seth Curry are my all time favorite athletes.

Now that you know more about me, it's your turn. Share some details about what type of writing you need done in the form below.



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